Floor standing toilets

Many people choose a wall hung toilet for their new bathroom because of the light look and easiness to clean. However, sometimes it might not be possible to install a wall hung toilet. The Ifö/IDO collection of floor standing toilets will make sure you will still get a beautiful new look in your bathroom.  


Many of our floor standing toilets are also Rimfree®, the new toilet standard, where we have removed the flushing rim, makes the toilet more hygienic and easier to keep clean. You find the Rimfree® technology in the toilet series Ifö Spira Art, Ifö Spira and Ifö iCon RimfreeFresh WC sticks keep these toilets fresh and fragrant too. 


Highlights of floor standing toilets 

  • Clean, timeless design 

  • Ifö’s special durable glaze that is sturdy and easy to clean 

  • Rimfree® options.